What is that gift you have for the world?

Everytime Im on board of a plain that is taking off, I get fascinated when I look through the window.

The Wright brothers had a dream, an idea that they persued
A flying machine, it must have sound unbelievable and crazy those days.
The world thought they where insane but they did not let that get them. They where persistant and kept on persuing their idea.
They tried, tried and tried had a few failed attemps but it did not stop them.

At last their idea succeeded.

While failing in the procces you will get discouraged and sad. But when you succeed none of that matters. Because the Wright brothers their belief was so strong we can now enjoy flying all over the world. What a great gift they left behind for generations to enjoy.
I believe everybody has his or her own gift. In fact the bible states it. And even if you are not religious we all commonly believe that every individual has gifts others can benefit from.

What is that gift you have for the world?

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