Comfort Zone #2, get to know yourself (1/2).

A week a go I introduced the coming of the Comfort zone series in these series I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone.

For you to step out of your comfort zone it is important to know yourself. When I talk to people about getting to know yourself they find it peculiar. Most people assume they already know themselves.

Discovering yourselfYour experiences shape you to the person you are today, the choices you make and the circumstances you go trough have an impact on the person you become.

Our personalities are constantly changing some changes you maybe or may not be aware of. At some point you may realise you don’t know who you really are—what you are passionate about and what you want from life.

There was a point in my life I felt depressed, it seemed like nothing in my life was going the right direction. I was having a hard time at school, struggling with bad grades. In fact I felt useless beause I hadn’t discovered my talent or passion and that I was unable to succeed in life because there was a chance that I might not pass and receive a degree.I felt stuck and my big question was ‘WHAT IS MY NEXT MOVE?’

I will continue in part 2..






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