About Me

Kineta Agyemang is a twentythree year old motivational speaker and business woman from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Three years ago, at nineteen, Kineta founded her first company, Kinetisch. Her company focuses on brand development and brand recognition. With Kinteta’s assistance, small name businesses can continue to blossom with the perfect branding. As a motivational speaker, Kineta

strives to inspire people all aroundKineta the globe to follow their dreams. In addition to running her own company and motivating others, she also is a full time student pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Off Build Environmental studies. Being able to balance such a diverse amount of activities may be difficult for everyday college students but Kineta is so dedicated to her work that nothing can stop her. As a lover of all things literature from books, magazines and blogs, Kineta took to the internet to share her compassion with others with the world. She recently created her own blog, Kineta Touch, where she speaks of faith and determination. Too often, everyday life gets in the way of one’s dreams and Kineta takes it upon herself to remind others to never loose touch of what is important to them. With that in mind, it is her life’s mission to wake up a better person than the day before and spread her words of grace. The name ‘Kineta’ translates into ‘Active’ which perfectly reflects her upbeat personality.



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