Articles for the Month of december 2014

Ambition for succes #1

Today I decided to share my ambition for success story.

Last year I was really seeking for a new inspirational environment, I came across a program called Ambition for success.

It seemed interesting so I decided to go alone because I couldn’t find someone to join me :(. It was brave move, one that I will never forget and regret. Going to an event on your own drives you to socialize with people you never met before. It is the best way to learn how to network.

There where speakers from different life stages, they shared their stories and experiences it was very inspiring. That day I said to myself ‘ If they can do it too! Because I also have a story to share ‘

elevator pitch 2013

During the program the public got a chance to present their elevator pitch, I pushed myself to the stage and did it!
It was very spontaneous and I actually did well, it resulted in to me winning a one-year membership for the Networking.

At the end they presented the mr. and mrs. Ambition award, it was very nice to experience so I said to myself next year I will sign up for the training program.

No sooner said than done, watch out for my next post about my progress.




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